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Due to the limited pages, here is only part of the typical sight-seeing spots and outdoor activity spots. Besides the places that we have introduced, there are still a lot of worth-going spots around. We are always ready to provide you other suggestions and plans according to your time budget and preferences. We hope you feel your trip enjoyable and meaningful.

Kotakigawa Jade Gorge

Also called the Kotakigawa jade Deposit, this gorge found deep in Itoigawa's mountains is truly a sight to behold. Located at the base of the impressive Mt.Myojo, massive boulders of raw jade lie strewn about this clear-running stream.
Mt.Myojo itself is one of the premier rock climbing sites in Japan .The entire gorge is a National Natural Monument, so collection of jade or other minerals is strictly prohibited.

Tenka-no-ken Oyashirazu & Oyashirazu Community Road

Oyasirazu is the name given to these cliffs where the Japanese Alps collapse into the Sea of Japan.Also called "Tenka-no-ken" or "The steepest precipice under heaven,"these cliffs were infamously dangerous in ages past.Now, you can enjoy breathtaking scenery and walk along the old roads at the parks here.

Fossa Magna Museum

Completely renovated in March 2015, this "Museum of the Earth" features exhibits on the formation of the Japanese Island and the unique and beautiful natural history of the Itoigawa region.
The museum also possesses a massive collection of fascinating fossils,minerals, and jade.


Benten-iwa, located nearby the coast of Itoigawa’s Nou Region along Route 8, is a large mass of volcanic rock. There is a lighthouse standing on the coast, which is a significant signpost for guiding the fishing boats in and out of Nou Fishing Port. It continues to protect the sailor by lighting its lamp.
As Benten-iwa was formed by submarine volcanic activity of Fossa Magna, it is one of the Geosites of Itoigawa Geopark.
About the middle of the rock island is the historical cultural property, Itsukushima Shrine. It has long been worshipped as an avatar of the sea goddess. You may always enjoy watching the beautiful scene of Japan Sea when walking across the red Akebono Bridge.
The coast is also famous as a beach in summer. A lot of tourists pay a visit for the Fireworks show at sea in early August.

Marine Dream Nou

This expansive road station includes a local produce market, a fish market, museum, outdoor recreation area,and more, all along the beautiful Nou Coast.
The 'Kaniya Yokocho' crab market is always bustling with visitors.
The sunset over the Sea of Japan is beautiful here.

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